MAS FIGHT is one of the world's top professional fighting organizations, based in Macau, China.

MAS FIGHT is a game-changing innovation - it is a stand-up fighting competition inspired by the spirit of traditional Chinese martial arts and combat sports around the world. Through this ground-breaking combination, it has created its own set of rules and is incredibly exciting.

MAS FIGHT rules are as follows:

  1. All fights are scheduled for 1 round only
  2. Each round has a duration of 9 minutes
  3. There are no Judges to score the fight, ONLY a referee to facilitate
  4. A win comes ONLY by way of KO
  5. In the event that there is no KO, the fight will be ruled as a draw
  6. Fighters are allow to throw punches, kicks, knees, elbows, execute throws, and standing submission
  7. Ground fighting is not allowed
  8. The following moves are ruled as foul: hitting the back of the head; attacking the spine; groin strikes; landing a throwdown on the head; attacking when opponent has 3-point ground contact
  9. There are only 3 possible results: a) win by KNOCKOUT b) DRAW c) no-contest or disqualification

There are 3 main weight divisions in MAS FIGHT: Heavy, Middle and Light. There is also an OPEN weight class category where a smaller fighter can challenge a bigger fighter; or a female fighter can challenge a male fighter. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE in MAS FIGHT with approval by the MAS FIGHT committee.

With new rules, and a new competition system, it is time for a new era in the world of combat sports.

Welcome to MAS FIGHT!

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