MAS FIGHT is one of the world's top professional fighting organizations, based in Macau, China.

MAS FIGHT is a game-changing innovation - it is a stand-up fighting competition inspired by the spirit of traditional Chinese martial arts and combat sports around the world. Through this ground-breaking combination, it has created its own set of rules and is incredibly exciting.

MAS Fight is the world’s only “Win by KO” promotion that is changing the rules of the game in fight sports. For years, countless athletes have protested against the unfair judging decisions, especially when they compete abroad. There will be no more uncertainties - in MAS Fight, a fighter can only win by knocking out the opponent or it ends in a draw.

All fights are scheduled for 1 round of 9 minutes only. There are no Judges to score the fight, a win comes ONLY by way of KO. In the event that there is no KO, the fight will be ruled as a draw

With new rules, and a new competition system, it is time for a new era in the world of combat sports.

Welcome to MAS FIGHT!

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